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At Premier we are committed to making your stag party a rewarding and stress free occasion. Our experienced and beautiful hostesses will ensure your guests are comfortable from the moment they enter until the end of the stag party. Premier can accommodate any size stag from 50ppl to 5000ppl and help eliminate the stress associated with organising your stag. With custom stag tickets the most beautiful and approachable stag hostesses, qualified and friendly stag supervisors experienced in making your stag an enjoyable and profitable event and can answer any questions that you may have. Premier can also provide prize packages to fit any budget.


Premier will provide you with casino quality professional poker, black jack, crown and anchor, roulette tables and any other casino entertainment you may require at your stag. Our dealers are always in uniform and willing to assist your guests. Professionally printed joker poker boards, raffle tickets, money boxes and raffle drums are always supplied with every stag package booked with Premier

We offer many innovative stag products and stag services that are sure to entice guests and have them participate in the evening’s activities. We have created a range of Premier stag packages to assist you in making a decision that suits you, with the option of adding on any of our extra services. We will be happy to accommodate any special requests you may have. Our first priority is to meet your expectations and make it the stag party you imagined it to be.



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One of the key points to having a successful stag party is knowing who will be attending you stag. Your guests are the most crucial element in having a profitable stag party, so when booking your stag party with premier our stag expert will have a few questions for you in regards to the type of guests that will be attending your stag. another key point to making your stag successful is location and date consider booking your stag party at a location and a date that is  convenient to your friends, family and colleagues. The most important key point to making your stag party profitable and successful is to have as accurate a number of guest that will be attending as possible and the best way of attaining that number is by pre selling and collecting the funds for your stag tickets prior to your stag party. Another very important key point to having a successful stag in Toronto is the hostesses at premier our stag hostesses are trained to sell all aspects of your stag party without being overly pushy and making your guest feel uncomfortable. They are always personable and approachable they will make your guests feel happy to participate in your stag party not to mention all of our premier stag hostesses are beautiful and classy they are there for you and to make your stag very profitable and fun for all your guests.

Stag parties in Toronto are most commonly held during the spring and summer months typically the busiest months for Toronto stag parties are from March through September. Keeping this in mind the more notice you give your guests about your stag party the better your chances of getting there commitment to attend. Premier will have your custom stag tickets printed and ready for pick up 2 days after you have signed off on the design and information pertaining to your stag party. Included with your custom printed stag tickets you will receive a spread sheet to keep track of all your stag ticket sales and the guest who have paid for their stag ticket and the guest who will pay at the door.

Premier has an enormous selection of stag ticket designs that would fit with any theme you may have in mind for your stag party invitations. If you cant find the perfect stag ticket for your stag party you can work directly with our expert stag ticket designer and they will be happy to work with you in designing the perfect stag ticket. All of our stag tickets come perforated, numbered, with a custom map and directions to your stag party. Your stag tickets also come with a spread sheet to maintain a running total of attendees and who has paid for the stag ticket or who will be paying at the door. Having this number will help in knowing an accurate number of guests attending your stag party which in turn will help you in giving your final numbers to the venue and also in knowing how much to spend on your stag party prizes.

Premier staff have all been handpicked to reflect our dedication in making your stag party an enjoyable and profitable stag. All of our dealers must go through a training period to ensure there proficiency in all the casino games available for your stag party, they can answer any questions your stag guests may have and come dressed in uniform and ready to work.  Premier’s beautiful, energetic and friendly stag hostesses also go through our training to ensure that they understand how important their role is to making your stag party memorable, from the moment they enter the room and start selling joker poker, grand prize tickets, raffle tickets and any other service you have requested they will always perform their duties with class and a smile on their face making all of your stag guests comfortable and happy to participate in the stag activities. They are always dressed appropriately in sexy yet classy attire. Our stag supervisors are the best in the business. They have also been trained to deal with any situation that may arise but most importantly they know all the little secrets and have the expertise to make your stag the most profitable it can be. Our stag experts are there to ensure that the 4-6 hours of your stag run as smooth as possible and help your groomsman / helpers with all aspects of your stag and answer any questions they may have.